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Fitness Competitions



HI athlete's, my name is Jared Blais. I'm super excited to be shooting your event and look forward to meeting you all there. I'll let you know a little about me. I've been shooting CrossFit competitions since 2016. I've been a photographer on media teams for The Box Tribe Games, Swamp Challenge, Bacon Beatdown, FN Thunderdome, The Granite Games and  most recently Wodapalooza. I've been CrossFitting since 2010 and I absolutely love the Sport of Fitness. More than doing CrossFit I love shooting CrossFit and capturing the movements that define the sport. 

With that said, I would love to capture your day of fitness competition this year at your local event. Below you'll be able to purchase a photo package. Purchasing a photo package insures that you get the best photos from the day. You the athlete's are hiring me to photograph you. 

You'll have two options for purchasing a photo package, (1) purchase and individual photo package $50, (2) purchase a team photo package $90. If you purchase an individual photo package you will be the only one getting photographed, your partner will not. If you purchase a team package, both partners will be photographed. 

To view more of my photos follow me on Instagram @JBlaisPhoto

Find your competition below to sign up for the photo package.

Beachtown Throwdown - April 28th

Rise And Grind - May 5